Privacy Policy

Following is the privacy policy that describes the policies in which we collect, use and disclose your information. We keep updating these policies when required and we are not liable to provide any prior notice to the users and visitors. It is advised to keep visiting this section in order to keep yourself updated about the privacy policies. The continuous use of the website services will be considered as your consent to these privacy services. The usage of our services will be consider as your acceptance to the latest modification of the privacy policies.

Collection and Usage:

We require information from our users in order to provide them with the services that we promise. We can collect and store information from you when you use our services. This information is used to fulfill the requests, perform the functionalities, improve the quality of the services, to track the use of the services, market the services, provide users with the customer support, contact users, to recover in case of disasters and to enhance the security and to comply with the legal obligations.

When you will register yourself on the website as a user you are required to provide your full name, address, email address, zip code and other information such as gender and your date of birth. You can also be asked for the photo in order to display it on your profile. The users are required to provide the accurate and latest information. All the users can modify this information any time. In case you believe that some one else have created an account using your information the you can contact us and after our process we will take the appropriate action.

You can also invite your friends, family and relatives to join the platform and in such cases the website will use your information to send the invites. In case you are creating an account to register your business on the website then we will ask you to provide information about your business as well. Because we are a business directory website, we will require information about your business to provide you with the promised services. As a business information we can ask you for the Name of the business, Address of the business, Contact of the person or Manager, Email, Business telephone number, Fax, Map Link, Website Link, Photos, Description of Business, Shopping online Link, Description of your luxury services and luxury packages and special codes. All this information help us to introduce your business to the consumers in the best way possible. The information gathered by the website will be use for the website service purposes only.


Go LCS has a verification process after which we will allow to access the website as a user. In case we find out that the information provided to us is legit then we will allow the user to access the features and services of the website. We have the right to dismiss any request for the registration however you can try again with the more authentic information.


When you sign up as a user on the website you will be opting to receive messages from the Go LCs. We can use your phone number and email address for the verification purposes and to provide you with the promotions information. However, you can opt out to stop receiving these updates from Go LCS.

Transactional Information:

All the financial and transactional information that you will provide us will be kept confidential. However it can be shared with third parties and our partners for some purposes. When you submit your credit card information we encrypt the information using the standard technology. We are not responsible to keep the privacy of your transactional information in case you disclose it your self on the forums or somewhere else on the website.


We can store your data even after you close or delete your account or stop using our services. The information we will store will be use to provide you services accordingly in the future.

Why we collect Information:

All the information that we will collect about you and your business will be use to personalize your experience on the website, to improve our website and services, to improve the customer care services, to process the transactions, to send the promotions and periodic emails. Cookies can also be used to improve the services that we provide and you have the option to turn the cookies of for your browser. We use cookies to understand you better and to provide you with your preferred services in future. Disabling the cookies can affect some of the services of the website.

Third Parties:

We can share your information with the third parties, advertisers and partner service providers. We can also share information with the hosting services, network security team and administrators, technical and customer support agents, quality assurance and testing teams, payment processing departments and marketing services. All the information will be shared for the business purposes only. In order to know the privacy policies of the third parties you can visit their specific website and can read their terms and privacy policies. However the business information that you will share with us will be made available for the visitors and consumers of the website.


The services and content that we provide is intended for general audience and is designed to be used by the people that age 10 or above. We don’t collect information from the children that are under 13. In case you find out that your children has registered on our website with the fake information then you can contact us. In such cases we have the right to suspend or terminate the user account on the immediate basis.

In case you don’t understand any of the term listed in this section then you can contact us through email or call.