Terms of Use

These terms and conditions will be applicable on both new and pre existing accounts. These terms and conditions will govern your access and use of the website and by accessing the website you will agree to these terms and conditions. This actually means that you are legally bound in a contract with Go LCS. In case you don’t agree with any of the terms and conditions listed below, you can terminate your access immediately. The usage of the website and its services will be consider as your consent to these terms and conditions.


Go LCS has the right to change these terms and conditions any time without providing any prior notice to the users. The most current version of the terms and conditions will govern your usage and access of the website. It is your own duty to visit this page more often in order to keep yourself updated about the terms and conditions. The modifications to these terms and conditions will become effective as soon as this page is updated. You understand that your continuous use of the website will be consider as your consent to the latest version of these terms and conditions and will be considered as your acceptance to the modifications.


In order to access the website and to use its services you have to be at least 18 years of age or older. This is the minimum age criteria that gives any user the power and authority to use our services. By making a user account on our website you will agree that you qualify the minimum age criteria of the website. In case of any fraud, we have the right to terminate your account immediately. You cannot access the website in case you are a competitor of our business or banned from the site for any purpose or have closed your account.

Go LCS grants permissions to the user who qualifies for the usage and users will be subjected to the restrictions in these terms. You will access and use the services of the website on your own risk and understands that you might be exposed to the content that can be offensive, inaccurate, indecent or inappropriate.

Although we try our best to keep the website available every time but it can be unavailable for any updating, maintenance and modification purposes. The website can discontinue providing its services any time without any notice or liability.


To use the services of the website you are required to create a user account and to provide certain information about yourself or your business in order to access some of the features of the website. You are required to update the provided information regularly so that we can provide the best possible services. You are also required to maintain the confidentiality of your account and in case of any loss of the data the company will not be responsible. As a user you will be responsible for all the activities that will happen in your account. In case you find any unauthorized usage of your account, you can contact and notify us. You will agree to provide complete and accurate information during the account registration and you cannot use and create account for anyone other then yourself. Creating multiple accounts with the fake information will be considered as breach of the terms and conditions and the user will be responsible him / her self for the consequences. To read more about the privacy you can visit our Privacy Policy section.

The website can use your email address o notify you about the updates, however you can opt out to unsubscribe from the email services.

Because we are a business directory website we will require information about your business to provide you with the promised services. As a business information we can ask you for the Name of the business, Address of the business, Contact of the person or Manager, Email, Business telephone number, Fax, Map Link, Website Link, Photos, Description of Business, Shopping online Link, Description of your luxury services and luxury packages and special codes. All this information help us to introduce your business to the consumers in the best way possible. The information gathered by the website will be use for the website service purposes only.


We have the right to use your content in different ways that includes publicly displaying it, using it for the advertisements, reformatting it, creating derivative works, distributing it, and promoting it. All the usage of the content will be for the business purposes only. We can also share the content with the third parties and our partners in order to provide the services that we promise. The company has the right to use the content for the legal purposes also and in case of conflicts we can also share the content with the legal authorities.

You cannot use or copy the content of our website. Any duplication or copy of the website content will be considered as exploitation of the terms and conditions.


You will agree not to

In case of any violation of these terms and conditions, we have the right to suspend or terminate your account immediately. We provide you with the reason for the termination but we are not liable to provide the information every time. You can contact us if you don’t understand any of the terms listed in this section.